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The Best Stomach Exercise for Flat Abs

People who want to have flatter stomach opt for stomach exercise to help them achieve their goal. However, having a flat abs is not enough since it requires that the stomach muscles must gained strength as well. Therefore, besides slimming down around the outer abdominals, it is equally important that you build the strength your core abdominals as well. It is a good thing there are lots of exercises that you can do to work out the core to build strong muscles throughout the abdomen. However, just like with any other workout routine, you just consult a professional before starting on any stomach exercise and check with your physician as well if you there are restricted exercises that you cannot do.

To tone up your torso, the best stomach exercise that you can do is to drop on all fours with your knees and hands on the floor. Keep your stomach pulled in and extend your left arm out in front of you just like a football referee signals first down, while keeping your arms stretched as you extend your right leg out behind you. Switch your arms and legs and repeat the entire set while ensuring that you will not let your pelvis out of position. You can also find other stomach exercise that can help tone up your torso since there are tons of them.

Another great stomach exercise that you can do includes the butt burner where you need to lie down on the floor with a mat or towel to cushion your spine. Bend you knees with your feet apart and position your arms at your sides; and then, squeeze your buttocks as you lift your pelvis off the floor. You can now raise your pelvis to about forty-five degrees, ensuring that your upper body from your head to your knees looks like a straight flat ramp. You will need to hold this position for five seconds before lowering your pelvis back to the floor. You can repeat the stomach exercise for an entire set to help burn the fats in your bum.

Other stomach exercises that you can do to have flat abs involve the crunchless crunch and the scissor kicks. With the crunchless crunch, which may be difficult to perform for some, entails trying to pull the belly button in towards the spine. You can do it either by lying on your stomach or kneeling, so you can try both ways of the stomach exercise to see which works for you. Start by relaxing your body as much as possible and then try to use your lower abdominals to move your belly button toward your spine. Hold it for ten seconds until you can feel some contractions or your muscles pulling harder than the transverse abdominus.

Scissor kicks are good stomach exercise that also requires lying on the floor as you position your hands under your butt, while keeping your back pressed against the floor. Raise your one leg to a height of about ten inches slowly and lower it back to the floor; while lowering one leg, you are raising the other leg. Repeat this motion while ensuring that you maintain control and that your body remains on the floor. These are just a few of the stomach exercise that you can do to have flat abs and help build your core strength.

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