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Is it Safe for Women to Have Six Pack Abs?

Nowadays, it is normal to see men with six-pack abs, but it is safe for women to have them as well? Whenever you see some bodybuilding ads, both men and women are shown to sport them. Considering how vain women are, are they willing to go that far? For those health-oriented individual, getting six-pack is surely possible, if you do it the right way. You can have a firmer and more toned stomach without making you look like a bodybuilder. The trick here should be to make you look curvaceous and not have that rock-abs to make you still look feminine.

Ripping your abs just to get that have that six-pack abs has its downside as well. The degradation of muscles in your stomach area can lead to severe conditions that can be dangerous to your health. Trimming your abs of some fat is alright, but you must always take some precautions when doing so. If you rip your abdominal muscles too much just to get that six-pack abs, it could affect the hormones that your body is producing. Moreover, a low percentage of body fat is not healthy for women. It can also affect your self-esteem later on, since you will look like you have a man’s body rather than the soft feminine curves women are known for.

Going into an excessive abs exercise just to get six-pack abs is not healthy for women since it would mean that you have to retain body fat that ranges lesser than 18%. Your body will need a higher percentage than that to function well. Since your body is not used to that amount of fat; it could result to hormonal imbalances. Due to the monthly menstrual period, your body is subjected to a lot of hormonal changes. Your body will not be able to compensate for these changes with just a low amount of fat. This is the reason why you crave for fatty foods before each period, making it hard for you to maintain your six-pack abs.

In your attempt to have that six-pack abs, you can also experience a health condition called amenorrhea as the result of intense exercise routine. This usually happens when the body fat level plummets and can result in the stoppage of your menstrual cycle. This condition is also often related to less bone density, stress fractures and infertility. In your efforts to have a flatter tummy or have six-pack abs, you might be hindering your body’s ability to conceive due to your body fats below normal levels.

Your quest to have a toned body with six-pack abs must not be done if you are sacrificing your health. A woman’s body is different from a man’s body, since you are subjected to constant hormonal changes. Having a flatter stomach is okay as long as you are not ripping your abdominal muscles too much. Doing so can also have some psychological effects as the process of making your body sexy has become in itself a torture that will make you lose your self-confidence more. You can leave the six-pack abs to the men and be more conscious about your health by balancing proper nutrition and exercise regimen.

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